Abolish Slavery National Network

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Project brief

Abolish Slavery National Network

The primary objectives of the redesign were to showcase their nationwide efforts, provide valuable educational resources related to the abolition of constitutional slavery, feature an interactive map highlighting their statewide work, and serve as an effective lead generation tool for donations and email sign-ups.


Website Redesign


We revamped the website in order to amplify the organization's efforts against constitutional slavery. The updated site now boasts a wealth of educational resources tailored to inform users on their mission and recent campaigns. A standout feature is the dynamic map showcasing its active campaigns across different states. Additionally, the process for those looking to support the cause has been streamlined, making it straightforward to donate or subscribe to emails for updates.


The Abolish Slavery National Network (ASNN) is a coalition dedicated to the abolition of constitutional slavery and involuntary servitude.


Website design and development; Graphic design; Copywriting
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